What is Live Rosin?

Have you heard about live rosin but are not sure what it is? Then you’re in the right place. Live rosin products are becoming increasingly popular within the cannabis industry and with good reason. Read on to learn all about this unique form of concentrates!

What is Live Rosin? 

Live rosin is a solventless concentrate made from fresh, frozen cannabis flower or trim. This process provides an incredibly terpene-rich experience that retains the flavor and aroma of the plant itself. The main difference between live rosin and other types of concentrates such as BHO (Butane Hash Oil) or distillate is that no solvents are used in its production. As a result, live rosin has a clean taste with a high terpene content for maximum flavor and effects. 

How Is It Made? 

Live rosin is made by pressing fresh, frozen buds together with heat and pressure to extract the desired cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This process is often referred to as “rosin tech” or “rosining” as it was first developed by using hair straighteners to press flowers together. Today, however, more advanced tools such as hydraulic presses are used to produce higher quality results with less effort and time. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Live Rosin? 

The primary benefit of using live rosin over other forms of concentrates is that it contains no solvents and therefore preserves more of the original plant’s flavor profile and aromas than other methods do. Additionally, because no solvents are used in its production, live rosin products are considered safer for consumption than those produced using solvents such as butane or CO2. Finally, due to its high concentration of cannabinoids, live rosin can provide an exceptionally potent experience for those seeking maximum effects from their product. 


Live rosin has become increasingly popular among consumers thanks to its high quality taste and potency without sacrificing safety on account of solvent use in production processes. By producing solventless concentrates via pressing dried flower matter together with heat and pressure, producers can provide consumers with an incredibly flavorful experience while still retaining the full range of effects they desire from their product. With more producers jumping into this market every day, we can expect to see even more innovative products come out soon! So if you’re looking for an ultra-refined cannabis experience without any dangerous chemicals involved—live rosin might just be your best bet!