Protect Yourself: How to Avoid Black Market Cannabis in Dispensaries

As cannabis legalization continues to sweep across the United States, it is important for consumers to be aware of the potential dangers of buying from black market dealers. While legal dispensaries are regulated and monitored to ensure safety and quality, black market dealers often lack these protections, leaving consumers vulnerable to shady practices and potentially unsafe products. In this blog post, we’ll break down how to spot black market cannabis in your local dispensary and what you should do if you suspect that your dispensary may be selling it.

Signs of Black Market Cannabis in Dispenaries 

The most obvious sign that a dispensary could be selling black market cannabis is an overly low price tag. If a strain or product is priced far below the average price point at a given dispensary, then it is likely coming from a less-than-reputable source. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is bad—it just means that there is no guarantee as to where it came from or who grew it. 

Another sign that your dispensary could be selling black market cannabis is if they are offering strains or products not typically found in legal dispensaries. For example, if your local dispensary offers strains not seen elsewhere in town, then chances are those strains were sourced from the black market. Similarly, if you spot packaging with no labels or information about where the strain was grown or processed, then you should avoid buying it until more information can be gathered about its origin. 

Last but not least, always look out for signs of moldy buds or dried up nugs as these can indicate unsanitary growing conditions and may have been harvested prematurely—both signs of potentially inferior weed. 

Here at Oasis Cannabis Co. we only do business with legitimate, local and reputable growers and extractors.  We believe in providing customers with the highest quality cannabis products available and are committed to ensuring that all of our goods meet a strict set of standards. Every strain is laboratory tested for potency, purity, terpene profile and cannabinoid content so you can always rest assured that what we’re putting out on our shelves is safe. 


No one wants to buy subpar cannabis – after all, part of why many have chosen to make the switch to legal dispensaries is so they can get access to high-quality products safely and conveniently! That being said, knowing how to spot black market cannabis in your local dispensary can help you save money and protect yourself from potentially dangerous products. Always keep an eye out for suspiciously low prices or unfamiliar strains when shopping at your local dispensary—if something looks off don’t hesitate to ask questions! With these tips you can rest assured that your cannabis shopping experience will always be safe and enjoyable!